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About Couple2

Mr Single is a division of
Yvonne Allen & Associates,
Australia’s Leading Partner Search and Relationship Consultants Since 1976.

Thousands of men and women have partnered through our consultancy.

Maybe you have discovered that after a long week at work, internet dating can feel like a second job. Meeting numerous women who simply aren’t what you are looking for can add additional stress to your already demanding life.

Our trained and experienced team work just like executive search consultants, with the addition that we are qualified in the area of personal relationships.

We take the time to get to you know you and what you are looking for in a partner and a relationship. We then screen and vet all potential introductions for you.

As a client, you will receive a level of support and insight from our skilled consultants that no other introduction agency or professional matchmaking service can offer.

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    “Firstly I would like to thank you for all your hard work and secondly to let you know that your matching me up has led to an engagement… and… ’Michael’ and I have been seeing each other for just under 5 months and we are getting engaged!! I thought you all might be glad to hear that you have successfully matched us up and that we love each other. Thank you Yvonne Allen and staff!”

    Megan, 39, Nurse

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    “David made me feel very comfortable and we had a lot in common. We have met several times since and we are enjoying getting to know each other. We are meeting on a regular basis and talk daily. I could lose myself in his eyes every time we meet. I find him extremely attractive… I like him a lot! We have many similar beliefs and find it very easy talking with each other. I appreciate his gentleness, kindness, passion, looks, willingness to meet under various situations. He just keeps getting better and better. What I have learned from this process is that it is extremely attractive to meet someone who has some differences yet similar views on life. I don’t want to meet someone who is like me in every way and who accepts me for who I am.”

    Natasha, 35, PHD Student

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    “I wanted to let you know just how much I am appreciating the process of joining Yvonne Allen. It has been an easy transition, the process easy and I feel there is a lot of personal care taken when choosing profiles for me. Once again thank you.”

    Mark, 48, Melbourne

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    “First of all, I’d like to express my gratitude to your company for matching me ‘Craig’ in 2013. It has been a wonderful experience for over 12 months. Over this period, we had loving and fun times, which we shared together with love, respect and passion. Unfortunately, we both have come to a conclusion that we had different outlooks on building a shared relationship on a long-term basis. After explorations and talks we agreed to move on and seek out our desired relationships in separate ways. Although, it was sad and disappointing to come to this conclusion, we hope to remain friends.
    I had positive experiences with matching. I’d like to let you know that I’d be available for future matching opportunities, should you assess them that way.
    Thank you again for facilitating this special experience.”

    Renee, 49, Business Owner

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    “Yvonne Allen’s coaching is priceless, the re-education I received on dating and what relationships are, I actually put into practice. I manifested him and am now in a committed relationship. This I know would not have happened without the integrity and trust of Elaina who was my guide, mentor and coach in what can be tumultuous and frustrating in finding a partner. I learnt so much about myself and the beliefs I held on love. My man, is “a man” that I would’ve dismissed, instead through Elaina’s questioning I broke through my own limitations, to this I am truly grateful for. He is kind, intelligent and generous of heart a different mould to what I have chosen in the past and as you know patterns are hard to break. Thank you with all my heart as my ‘intuitive knowing’ knows this relationship is right and will lead to marriage.”

    Lauren, 41, Marketing

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    “Chris and I just spent a week hiking in the Pyrenees and he asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes! We’re hoping to have a wedding later this year and again, I can’t thank you enough for introducing us. We thought and spoke of you the evening we became engaged, just moments before we took this photo.
    Thanks for helping bring joy into my life.”

    Bethany, 34, Clinical Psychologist

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    “Thank you for making time to see me on Friday. It was a pleasure to meet and have such a lovely chat.
    I came away from your office knowing I have done the right thing in terms of signing up with your company. Your approach is considered, professional, has a real science and psychology at its core, and I can see you have an innate sense about people. I know even if I don’t find a partner (I doubt as I’m an optimist, and you are great at what you do!) I will learn valuable skills, and more importantly understand me better, grow, and may I add have the pleasure of meeting and knowing you!”

    Katrina, 52, Investor

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    “I chose your service as it felt far more comforting to talk to someone, have them get to know me, then proceed to find intelligent women suited to who I am. I found the team at Yvonne Allen to be very professional and made me feel at ease throughout the entire process.
    Thank you.”

    George, 57, Accountant

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    “I wanted to let you know just how much I am appreciating the process of joining YAA. It has been an easy transition, the process easy and I feel there is a lot of personal care taken when choosing profiles for me. Once again thank you.”

    Mark, Doctor – 35, Melbourne

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